Green Parking System

with Gravel on the Green Roof

The hexagonal grid is used in extensive terrace-type stratifications for ecological parking lots, access roads for pedestal and car traffic (with a bearing capacity of 3.5 tons), stabilization of non-irrigated, exposed to intense sunlight steep slopes, etc. It represents a support and reinforcement grid for the substrate, recommended for access roads and parking areas, pedestrian walkways, terraces and gardens, intervention and access roads.

Green parking system with gravel on the green roof

See: E-Sedum Ready Mix

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E-Sedum & Gravel Grid

Green Parking System

with Growing and Hydroaccumulation Layer

The growing and hydroaccumulation layer is especially intended for extensive green roofs with a light structure. It is recommended for roofs with low substrate thickness and with drought-resistant plants such as Sedum or Sempervivum species.

It was designed for partial substrate replacement; combined with a substrate of minimum height, it provides a suitable growing environment for plants, ensures hydration and rooting of plants, which also contributes to increased stability of the green roof structure.

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