Aluminum Channel with Galvanized Grid

Channels have drainage functions, they are usually used near exits, terraces, attics or walls. They have a very good capacity to direct a large amount of water; their use on large horizontal surfaces is recommended. The height of the element can be adjusted according to the terrain requirements.

They function as a receiving body on terraces and have a drainage function. Can be installed on terraces paved with concrete slabs, paving or natural stone. They are made of galvanised steel.

E-B&T Aluminum Channel with Galvanized Grid
  • The density of the grating ensures safe pedestrian circulation and provides protection against impurities, gravel, etc.
  • They are simple to install.
  • Ensures the drainage of meteorological waters.
  • They are compatible with any type of drain outlet.
  • They have a grid with a very high load-bearing capacity.
  • Height adjustment is possible.


Height Adjustable Pedestal

The terrace support is recommended for height adjustment, in the case of uneven surfaces, where it is desired to create a terrace from different materials: wood, tiles, WPC, etc. The gap under the terrace facilitates the ventilation of the construction and the drainage of rainwater.

The support system is easy to mount, has low weight, high mechanical strength and durability, and high bearing capacity.

E-Pedestal Height Adjustable Pedestal
  • It has a self-leveling adapter, it can be leveled even after the installation of the terrace and has the function of correcting the inclination up to 7%.
  • Does not affect waterproofing through installation.
  • It is not necessary to have a foundation layer of gravel or other materials under the terrace.
  • Has a modular structure, it is possible to adjust the height between 18 and 1077 mm, it offers multiple possibilities of use.
  • Resistant against chemicals, acids and UV rays.
  • Made of ecological material (recycled polymers, after use it can be recycled again).


Tile Spacers

Tile spacers are made from recycled polymers (can be recycled again after use). They are dedicated to flat, paved surfaces. They have the role of ensuring an equal and uniform distance between the paving elements, to ensure efficient drainage.

It is used for the aesthetic installation of pavers.

E-TS Tile Spacers
  • Makes paving installation easier.
  • The round base module prevents the element from sliding in the foundation.
  • Facilitates subsequent replacement of damaged paving slabs.
  • Ecological material, resistant, durable,
  • Available in different colors and sizes,
  • Contributes to the circulation of rainwater.