The Sedum Cassette System

Installing Sedum casettes is the fastest way to create a green roof

Practical handling makes possible a simple, one step installation. It can also be used for DIY projects with remote technical support; requires minimal annual maintenance. It is a system with a complex structure, it provides an excellent growth environment for Sedum plants, ensures drainage and water retention, rooting, nutrition and adequate hydration of the vegetation.

The system is ideal for extensive green roofs without a slope or with an inclination of maximum 20o with an attic at the base of the slope (at higher slopes, special fixing of the system is necessary to avoid erosion and sliding on the slope). Architectural junctions at the edge of the roof, walls, ventilation, etc., are easily achieved by layers of gravel.

The system consists of 4 layers: casette with drainage function, substrate, layer with increased water retention and a vegetal mat. The trays are filled with a special, extensive substrate, on top of which is placed a substrate mixture with increased water retention, which is covered with a roll of Sedum E-Sedum Ready-Mix or E-Sedum Light.

The Sedum Cassette System
See: E-Casette Sedum

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