Biodiverse Green Roofs

A biodiverse green roof is a type of green roof that focuses on creating a living environment for plants and animals, which we want to bring back to urban areas. In contrast to traditional green roofs, which focus mainly on aesthetics and minimal ecological benefits, biodiverse green roofs are designed to support and promote biodiversity and urban ecology.

In general, biodiverse green roofs involve the use of greater varieties of plants and additional materials that recreate the natural habitat (stones with holes formed by erosion, tree stumps, dry branches, tree bark, fine sand, gravel, other support structures for animal species such as birds and insects.

These can include indigenous or local plants as well as cultivated species that are known to attract a variety of wildlife while avoiding invasive species. Biodiverse green roofs are used to support urban ecosystems, such as ecological corridors that allow animals to travel through the city, links between parks and other green areas, natural habitats adjacent to cities or creating green oases in dense city areas.

The benefits of a biodiverse green roof include improving air quality, reducing the heat islandmeffect, improving water quality, increasing biodiversity and improving the quality of life in the urban environment.

Biodiverse Green Roofs

Blueroof System

The Blueroof system is a rainwater retention system that reduces pressure on the sewer system and slows down the runoff of rainwater, thus preventing flooding and excessive runoff. The green roof can be used in conjunction with the Blueroof system to increase the efficiency and benefits of both systems.

Green roofs can help absorb and evaporate rainwater, increasing rainwater retention. In addition, the green roof can help improve the quality of rainwater by filtering out pollutants, fine particles and enhancing the natural water purification process.

The Blueroof system can be installed in the structure of the green roof, it has the function of storing water, managing rainwater in very large quantities. The main role is to relieve the sewage system of the cities; prevents its overloading in the case of torrential rains by moderating the water discharge.

Benefits of the Blueroof System

  • Reduces the contamination of water with harmful substances (microparticles in suspension) that drain directly into the sewer in the case of simple roofs.
  • It is simple to install within the green roof.
  • Contributes to environmental protection and energy saving.
Blueroof System
Blueroof System


Green Roof System

A biosolar green roof system combines the benefits of a green roof with those of solar PV systems to maximize energy efficiency and enhance positive environmental impact. In a biosolar green roof system, solar photovoltaic panels are installed above the substrate and vegetation layer of the green roof, they are higher than regular solar systems.

Plants on the green roof help to cool the ambient environment of the solar PV panels by shading and thereby cooling the roof. This way they are reducing the temperature of the solar panels, and increase their efficiency. Thanks to the raised panels, it is easier to maintain the roof and specific microclimates are created with variable temperatures and humidity in the areas shaded by the panels, which favor a diverse range of plant and insect species.

Green roof biosolar systems are designed to offer multiple benefits: renewable energy generation alongside environmental benefits such as reduced carbon dioxide emissions and improved air quality and biodiversity in urban areas.

Benefits of the Biosolar System

  • Elevated modules allow light to enter and provides a hydrated layer to the vegetation.
  • It does not damage the waterproofing, it is installed without penetrating it, with substrate and vegetation ballast.
Biosolar green roof system

In order to maximize the economic and climate benefits, a green roof with a biosolar system and a blueroof system can be installed together.

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