E-Flowers & Wall

Modular System for Green Walls

The “E-Flowers&Wall” modular panel system represents the latest innovation in the field of building greening, it is a modern, sustainable method, which can transform easily any gray surface into a green oasis. The plants are placed in a specially developed substrate for vertical growth; thanks to the professional irrigation system and growing environment, the plants receive all the nutrients and hydration necessary for healthy development, so the vegetation has a vibrant and multi-colored appearance.

The system is characterized by a low weight; offers a versatile solution for greening, with multiple possibilities of use for almost all types of walls. It can be mounted both on existing, renovated and new buildings; it can be installed in any desired shapes and sizes, even on surfaces with curved, wavy lines.

The profiles are resistant to corrosion and can be installed both horizontally and vertically, depending on the format and layout of the retaining wall.

E-Flowers & Wall Modular System for Green Walls
  • Plants embedded in the living wall increase biodiversity, improve air quality and create a favorable microclimate; protects the facades and the structure of the building against large temperature fluctuations.
  • It is a versatile system that can be used for facade greening, noise and heat protection, urban gardening, herb gardens, windbreaks, replacing hedges, etc.
  • Due to the modular structure, there is no limitation in sizes and shapes.
  • Contributes to achieving sustainable development objectives (EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030), can contribute to obtaining BREEAM and LEED points.
  • The system complies with the fire classification standards established by European regulations.
  • All materials in the system have been selected for their fire resistance properties. In addition, the green facade can store approximately 35 liters of water/sqm, which serves as an additional protective buffer.
  • Made of durable and fully recyclable materials.
  • The special mixture of absorbent hydrophilic mineral wool and substrate effectively reduces the evaporation of irrigation water. Excess drained water is recirculated.
  • Each module with live plants can be easily inserted into the wall or replaced.