E-Sedum & Gravel Grid

Hexagonal Grid

The hexagonal grid is used in extensive terrace-type stratifications for ecological parking lots, access roads subject to human and car traffic (with a bearing capacity of 3.5 tons), stabilization of steep slopes, non-irrigated, exposed to intense sunlight, etc.

It represents a support and reinforcement grid for the substrate, recommended for access roads and parking areas, pedestrian walkways, terraces and gardens, intervention and access roads. It represents an ecological and aesthetic solution, contributing to the preservation of the natural landscape.

Thanks to the increased resistance, it can replace paved areas, allows the creation of green alleys and parking lots.

Hexagonal Grid
  • Can be filled with gravel or substrate covered with Sedum, giving a natural look.
  • The fixing system between the elements allows simple mounting.
  • With special mounting, on request, an increased bearing capacity can be obtained, suitable for intense car traffic (trucks, fire trucks, etc.).
  • A stable grid is created, without blocking the drainage; allows the free circulation of water.
  • It is made of 100% recyclable HDPE (high density polyethylene).
  • It is very durable, has high resistance to compression and torsional loads due to the reinforcements present between the cells of the element.
  • It is resistant to impact and extreme climatic conditions (frost, extreme heat, UV radiation).
  • Elements can overlap, are easy to handle, transport and install.