E-Sedum Quick&Easy

Cassette System

Installing Sedum trays is the fastest way to create a green roof. Practical handling makes possible a simple, one-step installation. It can also be used for DIY projects with remote technical support; requires minimal annual maintenance. It is a system with a complex structure, it provides an excellent growth environment for Sedum plants, ensures drainage and water retention, adequate rooting, nutrition and hydration of the vegetation.

The Sedum mat, used to cover the system, contains 10-12 hardy rooted Sedum species grown to maturity. The system consists of 4 layers: box with drainage function, substrate, layer with increased water retention and a vegetal carpet.

The trays are filled with a special, extensive substrate, on top of which a mixture of substrate with increased water retention is placed, which is covered with a roll of Sedum E-Sedum Ready-Mix or E-Sedum Light.

E-Sedum Quick&Easy Cassette System
  • Due to the modular structure, there is minimal loss of material during installation, the elements can be cut according to the requirements of the project.
  • Maintenance is only required once or twice a year, including a general check and possibly pruning and fertilizing the plants.
  • The fastening system facilitates the connection of the elements and allows them to be easily fixed to each other.
  • Ensures minimum 95% vegetation cover at the time of installation.
  • The boxes are made of high quality recycled plastic.
  • The fixing system of the elements creates a stable structure, without the risk of slipping.