The E-Extensiv substrate is a volcanic origin growing medium for plants, with a spongy texture, with a low level of nutrients, which provides a rooting area with drainage capacity, but also with high water retention, it is used in 2 -8 cm layer and is suitable for E-Sedum Light and E-Sedum Ready-Mix vegetation cover or for sowing with Sedum cuttings/fragments.

Thanks to the special composition, ensures optimal aeration for the roots of vegetation. The substrate consists of mineralized volcanic rock tuff, the granules have a greyish-white color.

The substrate is adapted to the needs of the vegetation, provides optimal space for healthy plant development and is produced in accordance with the FLL Guidelines (German Standard Guidelines for Green Roofs).

E-Extensiv Substrate
  • Improves the supply of nutrients, the development and the health of the plants.
  • Ensures the right Ph for healthy plant development.
  • Due to its low weight, it can also be used in buildings with low load-bearing capacity.

  • Reduces temperature fluctuations, has heat attenuation capacity.
  • It has the ability to improve water retention, at the same time it is still aerated.
  • Ensures stable structure for plant rooting.



The E-Intensiv substrate is a growing medium for plants, it is suitable for intensive green roofs planted with E-biogazon or E-Biodivers rolls. Also, depending on the thickness of the substrate, it can be used to grow larger plants such as shrubs and tall trees (up to 12 m).

The substrate consists of a mix of mineralized volcanic rock, with a spongy texture, and material of organic origin. It is a growing medium that provides the necessary nutrients for plants, allows strong rooting and healthy plant development; it has drainage capacity, but also high water retention.

  • The lightweight structure allows the installation of intensive green terraces on roofs.
  • Ensures the right Ph for healthy plant development.
  • Improves nutrient uptake, growth and plant health.
  • Reduces temperature fluctuations, has heat attenuation capacity.
  • Has the ability to improve water retention, while still being aerated.
  • Keeps its structure stable and does not compact significantly over the years.


High Porosity Volcanic Rocks

E-Volcano is made of volcanic material with high porosity, it is an ideal choice for landscaping and green spaces, even as a decorative element. It is a natural substance with proven effectiveness in horticulture, offers an ecological solution, helps to treat the soil sustainably and supports plant health.

In the process of formation, the rock incorporated micro- and macro-elements and thus acquired excellent properties for improving the soil structure, also increasing its aeration. It is ideal for all soil types as it improves cohesive soils and strengthens sandy soils, reducing wind and rain erosion. The beneficial effects exerted on the soil extend over a significant period, providing constant benefits to the soil and plants for a remarkable 5-8 years.

Due to its versatility and positive impacts on the environment and soil, it is recommended for biodiverse green roofs. Volcanic pearls are available in different sizes: 0/12, 0/5, 5/12.

  • Contributes to the biological activity of the soil by ensuring a porous and spongy soil structure, reduces the appearance of weeds and improves drainage.
  • Stabilizes the PH in the neutral range, optimizes soil conditions and allows plants to take up nutrients more easily.
  • It has excellent water storing and retention properties, prevents leaching of nutrients and improves water balance, thus contributing to healthy plant growth.
  • Due to the white shade and the wide range of grain sizes available, it is an ideal and elegant option for decorative purposes, providing an aesthetic appearance in gardens and green spaces.
  • Through its exceptional ability to improve the soil, it stimulates the growth of plants by 5-10%, favors their faster development.
  • It has a high content of potassium, zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium, significantly contributing to the stimulation of healthy plant growth.
  • Absorption capacity reduces soil toxicity and traps harmful fungi and bacteria.