Chapter I – General provisions

1. Meaning of certain terms

1.1. Terms used below, unless the context otherwise requires, have the following meaning:

  • We: SC Ecostratos SRL, a company established under and subject to the laws of Romania, having its registered office in Arad, Clopotului Street, no. 128, Arad County, Romania and tax identification number RO 44135794, e-mail:
  • You/User: the natural or legal person accessing and browsing the website;
  • Website: the internet pages available at;
  • Services: the services presented on the website, which We provide on the basis of a service contract concluded in accordance with legal provisions;
  • Terms and Conditions: all of the following provisions that apply to the relationship between Us and You when You access or use the Website;
  • Privacy Policy: personal data processing policy and cookie policy;
Chapter II – Applicability

2. Applicability Terms and Conditions. Binding force

2.1 These Terms and Conditions, together with the Privacy Policy, apply each time You access and use the Website. Thus, to the extent You browse and use the Website, You understand and agree that the relationship between You and Us shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions and the GDPR Policies, and the provisions set forth herein shall be legally binding. In other words, by accessing and browsing the Website, You consent to the application of these Terms and Conditions.

2.2. To the extent that you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy, please do not use the Website.

2.3. By accessing and using the Website, you also declare that you meet all legal requirements for the above consent and that there is no other legal impediment to the non-application of these Terms and Conditions. We assume no liability if the information provided by You is not correct.

2.4. For the purposes of the provisions referred to in paragraph 2.3, for Romanian citizens, the age at which you can, in principle, validly give consent is 18 years. If you are not a Romanian citizen, it is necessary to check the conditions under which you can give valid consent in your national legislation before using the Website.

2.5. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you should be aware that a contract for the provision of services is not concluded between Us and You.

Chapter III – Information presented on the Website

3. Specialist Articles

3.1. The Website contains a number of specialist articles in the field of green roofs and natural grass. These articles are purely informative and do not represent assistance or advice on the topics presented.

3.2. Advice is provided only on the basis of a service contract concluded between You and Us in accordance with the legal provisions.

3.3. Thus, We do not assume any liability for the way you use the information presented on the Website. You understand and accept that We cannot be held liable for any damages that You may suffer as a result of the misuse of the information presented on the Website.

Chapter IV – Services

4. Presentation of Services

4.1. The Website presents some of the Services provided by Us. If you wish to contract them, please contact Us through the contact section or by other available means.

4.2. Please do not send us confidential documents and information until you have concluded a contract for the provision of services.

Chapter V – Intellectual Property

5. General provisions

5.1. All content available on the Website is protected by intellectual property rights. Any copying, recording, downloading, transmitting, reproducing, distributing and any other similar operations of the Website’s content made under conditions other than those permitted by law and set out below is prohibited.

5.2. The articles may be distributed, in their entirety, only through the functionality of the Website. It is also permitted to copy the web address where the article is located.