To close the green roof layers, a simple and effective method is to mount the marginal profile on the edge of the green roof, to create a barrier between the substrate and the edge of the roof. The marginal profile can be fixed with special clamps, or with the help of glued waterproofing strips after passing them through the slots of the marginal profile. Properly sealing the edge of the green roof is important to prevent soil leakage and maintain the integrity of the roof and supporting structure.

A gravel barrier layer is recommended around the edge of the roof. The width of the gravel layer at the edge of the roof depends on several factors, including the design of the roof, climatic conditions and the specifications of the system used. In general, however, it is recommended that the gravel layer be at least 10-15 cm wide.

Green Roof Edge Detail
See: Telescopic Gravel Edge
Green Roof Edge Detail

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