Green tram lines

Arad, 2023

5.5 km long and 3 ha greened surface arrangemnet on Revolution Boulevard and Aurel Vlaicu Road.

The greening was carried out without irrigation systems, with hydro-accumulation substrate and Sedum rolls.

Green tram lines Arad

Complexe Maurer Panoramic

Cluj-Napoca, 2023

Aprox. 1500 m2 Ecostratos extensive green roof, using 5 cm thick extensive substrate and hydro-accumulation substrate.


Avrig, oct. 2023

Ecostratos extensive green roof system, composed of 7 different surfaces; weight of the structure in water-saturated state is 120 kg/m2; layer thickness 9 cm. 

The layout was made with Sedum mats and enhanced hydro-accumulation substrate.

Feroviarilor Park

Cluj-Napoca, 2023

Rehabilitation of the Feroviarilor Park: four buildings installed with green roof, total area 380 m2; made by Ecostratos extensive structure, with a load capacity of 150 kg/m2; with a combination of 10 cm extensive substrate and 2 cm enhanced hydro-accumulation substrate.


Ecotourism Centre

Lake St. Anne, 2023

The greening of the roof helped to harmoniously integrate the building into the surrounding picturesque landscape. Extensive layering was carried out with Sedum mats, sown with native perennial plant seeds, in order to harmoniously blend the surface with the specific characteristics of the location and to support local biodiversity.

Urban Ensemble

Alba Iulia, nov. 2023

Implementation of four extensive green terraces, total surface of approx. 2100 m2.

System made with Ecostratos Sedum mats, respectively seeding with Ecostratos Sedum cuttings, and enhanced hydro-accumulation substrate.

Residential building

Băile Tușnad, 2023

Extensive green roof installation with Ecostratos Sedum mats to optimise energy costs.

230 m2 greened area, with 8 cm substrate thickness, and 2 cm enhanced hydro-accumulation substrate. Structure’s load in water saturated state 150 kg/m2.