for pozzolanic cement manifacturing

EcoBlend-Construct is a volcanic sedimentary rock formed from volcanic ash. The main components of this rock are fine debris, ash and sand residue, which makes it very porous and consequently very lightweight and resistant to water and frost. It has a high silica content, which is a valuable additive in the production of cement, it is a natural pozzolan suitable for additional material.

By reducing the need for traditional cement clinker production, it significantly reduces energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. EcoBlend-Construct can be used to control hardening, increase durability, reduce costs and reduce pollution without reducing ultimate compressive strength or other performance characteristics.

EcoBlend-Construct for pozzolanic cement manifacturing
  • Contributes to the manufacture of high-quality cement, can increase the compressive strength and the rate of strength growth (generally hardens with a strength of 32.5 Mpa).
  • Exhibits improved resistance to chloride penetration and increased durability over time, ensuring a longer lifespan for structures.
  • Pozzolanic reactions contribute to the formation of additional calcium silicate hydrates (CSH), improving the strength and durability of concrete.
  • Suitable for sustainable infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges and green buildings.
  • Recommended for pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete elements.
  • Can be incorporated into the production of precast concrete products, where the material properties can be optimized for specific applications.
  • It is used in hydraulic structures, marine structures, near-coast constructions, dams, etc.
  • Can be used for masonry mortars and plasters.


 for the ceramic and porcelain industry

EcoRawCeramics is a volcanic rock made up of rock powder with a high content of trace elements and rare elements. It has a relatively soft and spongy texture, but is similar to granite in terms of its strength. Sedimentary volcanic rock is an important raw material in the ceramics industry due to its alkaline chemistry and silica content. It is also easy to extract and more economical than many other raw materials.

Replacing feldspar with EcoRaw-Ceramics offers an efficient and natural solution with various advantages such as reduced firing temperatures and production costs. The volcanic rock mainly contains sanidine rich in potassium oxide and orthoclase as the flux mineral.

Research results clearly showed that volcanic sedimentary rock can be used as a partial substitute for albite without significantly affecting the technological properties of the final product, and the tensile strength of the tested bodies increased with the addition of that material. In the ceramic industry, the amount of material used in the manufacturing process can be reduced by 25-30% and replaced with EcoRaw-Ceramics.

  • Minimizes shrinkage during the firing process (1-5%), so that, for example, in the production of tiles, a higher percentage of first-class products can be obtained with a much more uniform tile size.
  • Contributes to increasing the strength and quality of materials.
  • Plays a significant role in reducing material production costs in the ceramics industry.
  • Moisture content 17.8 mm%;
  • Density 0.7 kg/dm3;
  • Grayish-white powder, odorless;


for agriculture 

EcoSoil+Agro comes from explosive volcanic eruptions, when a mixture of hot ash, rock fragments and gases is released into the air. It consists of rock powder with a high content of trace elements and rare elements. It is a fine-grained, comminuted pyroclastite that occurs in the outcrop zone of exondal rock. It is moderately weathered, greyish-white, odorless, with significant Ca, K2O, Mg, Fe, Zn, Mn and silica content, which makes the pH approach neutral. The biological action is mainly due to the high content of trace elements.

Various experiments have shown that volcanic minerals improve fertility, soil structure and have protective effects on plants. The results of the studies confirmed the effectiveness of volcanic granules in agricultural production, so it was authorized for multiple uses: seedling crops, propagation in greenhouses, vineyards and nurseries, field crops, horticultural uses, lawns, etc.

  • Research has shown that, in wheat and maize crops, the use of the product leads to a few days earlier sprouting and maturity, a 3-4% increase in height and an 8-22% increase in yield. In maize trials, the product resulted in a 1% reduction in grain moisture.
  • Contributes to the production of healthy and nutrient-dense food by providing essential nutrients and micronutrients to plants and soil. It increases the amount of premium product, taste, aroma and, as a result, sales revenue.
  • Has a long-lasting effect of 8-10 years, there is no need for fertilizers, but only the replenishment of organic fertilizers every 4-5 years.

What can be replaced by using the product?
  • Potassium chloride, because it contains sufficient amounts of potassium (content of 1.5-2%: 1 ton contains 15-20 kg, of which 10% can be absorbed immediately in the first year, and the proportion increases over the years).
  • Zinc sulfate, as it partially replaces its recovery.
  • Calcium applications, as they cover the needs of the plants.
  • The high content of iron and magnesium can meet all the needs of the vegetation, so it does not need to be provided from any other source.


for organic farming

EcoSoil+BioFarming is a volcanic sedimentary rock that results from the solidification of volcanic ash and other volcanic debris. Experiments have shown that volcanic minerals improve soil fertility and structure, providing protection to plants.

An appropriate approach in organic farming is to eliminate the use of chemicals, exploit minerals and adopt biological control methods. This strategy can be particularly beneficial in soils with low fertility, poorly cultivated soils, and in acidic or saline areas. Achieving sustainable agriculture requires, first and foremost, healthy soil, which can greatly reduce the need for nutrients and pesticides for crops. Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of volcanic granules in ecological agricultural production, authorizing them for various uses: seedlings, greenhouses, vineyards, nurseries, field crops, horticulture, lawns, etc.

The EcoSoil+BioFarming natural soil improver meets European standards, it is a completely natural material.

  • Extremely rich in macroelements, microelements and trace elements, which is particularly useful in organic farming, where nutrient management must prioritize natural minerals, which are essential for soil and plants.
  • Can be used as a significant soil conditioner, has a positive impact on soil quality and yield and quality, and provides a cost-effective solution for organic farming.
  • High-quality, nutrient-dense organic products with high vitamin content, longer shelf life, improved taste and aroma, and increased class 1 yields can be obtained.
  •  Thanks to its ion exchange capacity, improves the chemical composition of the soil, reducing acidity and alkalinity, changes the pH towards neutral (pH 6.6>)
  • Does not cause secondary salinization, even when higher doses are added.
  • No negative effects on the soil and plants, it is completely natural, does not contain toxic elements, at the same time it fixes biogenic gases and nitrogen in the air.


for fruit and vegetable growing

EcoSoil+PureHarvest is a sedimentary volcanic rock that comes from explosive volcanic eruptions, when a mixture of hot ash, rock fragments and gases are released into the air. It is moderately weathered, greyish-white, odorless, with significant Ca, K2O, Mg, Fe, Zn, Mn and silica content, which makes the pH approach neutral values.

EcoSoil+PureHarvest is an effective natural fertilizer in fruit growing and vegetable growing, which greatly contributes to increasing the yield and soil quality. Research has shown 7-27% seedling growth in fruit tree plantations. The plants were more tolerant to frost and drought, but also harvested earlier and of better quality, and the shelf life of stored fruits and vegetables increased. Yield increases of 5-15% have been observed in vegetable plantations, and in vegetable seedling production the use of volcanic sedimentary rock has resulted in propagating material with vigorous growth and large root mass. In the studied greenhouses, in addition to the yield increases in the treated areas, an early maturity of 4-6 days was also observed in parsnips and tomatoes, as well as a higher volume of Class I products.

  • Improves soil structure, soft soils become denser, compact soils become finer. By improving the structure of the bound soil, energy savings are achieved.
  • Highly absorbent, helps improve plant water supply, and its water-holding capacity can significantly reduce drought damage. Its structure allows it to absorb up to 20-25% of water relative to its volume, which is beneficial in periods of drought and wet weather. Therefore, EcoSoil+PureHarvest allows for a more balanced soil water management.
  • Reduces the toxicity of the soil due to its absorption capacity, prevents the leaching of nitrates and phosphates into the groundwater and retains harmful fungi and bacteria.
  •  No negative effects on the soil and plants, it is completely natural, does not contain toxic elements, at the same time it fixes biogenic gases and nitrogen in the air.
  • Can also be used as a soil substitute, contributes to the healthy development of the roots, it provides good aeration, moisture supply and adhesion medium, the roots easily stick to the surface of the granules, at the same time it also facilitates transplantation.
  • Suitable for growing flowers, vegetables and other plants in biotubes in places where the soil conditions are not suitable.


for viticulture

EcoSoil+Terroir is a volcanic rock composed of rock powder with a high content of trace elements and rare elements. Like all crops, wine grapes are significantly affected by growing conditions. One of the most important factors in growing wine grapes is the soil.

Winegrowers choose volcanic soils for growing grapes because the soil produces high-quality wine. In terms of composition, grape quality and overall taste, volcanic wine is considered one of the best wines in the world.

Depending on the quality of the soil and the surrounding environment, the Sommeliers Choice Awards state that the texture, depth, color, pH and drainage of the soil directly affect the grapes. For this reason, volcanic rocks are of particular importance, as they offer the potential to prevent or reverse these negative processes. The use of EcoSoil+Terroir can help regulate soil pH, increasing the availability of basic cations and nutrients for plants. As a result, soil structure can be improved, compaction can be reduced and the spread of molds can be controlled. Therefore, efficient use of volcanic rocks can improve production and quality in those areas. Sedimentary rock allows the soil to efficiently store moisture, heat and nutrients so that the supply of nutrients to plants remains balanced during periods of drought.

  • Improves soil structure, soft soils become denser, compact soils become finer.
  • Allows the use of natural pesticides in organic farming, as it ensures sufficient organic and mineral matter in the soil, which helps in proper plant development.
  • Improves plant health resulting in stronger growth and resistance. (Experimental results in Hungary showed an increase in grape crops and a 10-11% increase in must sugar content, as well as greater shoot growth and a greater average thickness.)

  • Can increase soil moisture retention by 5-20%.
  • Improves the chemical composition of the soil, reducing acidity and alkalinity (changes the pH towards neutral).
  • Provides important macroelements, microelements and trace elements for plants

EcoSoil+Terroir Blocks

 in wineries and wine cellars

In the wine industry, volcanic rocks are of particular importance as a construction material due to their excellent thermal insulation properties. In wine-growing regions with volcanic soils, volcanic rock is often used for the construction of wineries and cellars, as it provides a durable structure, and creates a unique microclimate with a constant temperature of +10-13°C, with high humidity, ideal for the formation noble mold.

EcoSoil+TerroirBlocks are blocks of volcanic sedimentary rock that can be used to create a constant temperature cellar. It can be used to cover any type of built or excavated cellar. It ensures thermal insulation, and the light structure of the cubes allows air permeability. The surface of the blocks facilitates the rapid development of noble mold, which has a positive effect on the humidity in the wine cellar and contributes to the maturation of the wine.


for composting and treating hazardous waste

With rising prices and increasingly unfavorable weather conditions, it is becoming apparent that without rational, planned and conscious management, businesses will not operate efficiently. Because of this, sustainable management has become particularly important nowadays. For the development of organic nutrient management, it is recommended to pay special attention to biomass recycling through composting.

EcoTerra-Balance is an excellent material for improving soil and supplementing macro and micronutrients, for treating organic fertilizers, waste and by-products without odors, flies and infections, and contributes to ecological solutions in many areas. It is a volcanic sedimentary rock that results from the solidification of volcanic ash and other volcanic debris. It can be used for composting hazardous waste, such as decanter sludge from sewage treatment plants. It is excellent for treating hazardous waste water containing high levels of toxic and harmful substances, it helps to break down harmful bacteria. The material treated in this way becomes harmless to human health and can be used for agricultural purposes as a useful additive.

  • It can be applied for filtering drainage ditches and odorless treatment of municipal sewage, liquid sludge and solids.
  • In municipalities without wastewater treatment plants and livestock farms, the use of volcanic rock grinders and filters can be used to recycle solids and sludge.
  • On livestock farms and in stables, it can replace bedding. During animal farming, an odour and infection-free environment is ensured, as sedimentary volcanic rock binds biogases. Increases the macro and micro nutrient content of manure. Manure can be composted with no-turn procedure.
  • Compost produced with no-turning does not emit an unpleasant smell, and can be produced in residential areas.
  • The compost obtained with EcoTerra-Balance has a higher content of macro and microelements compared to manure and does not contain pathogens. The number of bacteria in the soil is 50-70% higher.
  • High-quality compost contributes to increasing the humus content of the soil, stimulates microbiological activity and provides sufficient nutrients to plants.