E-Profile DPT

Telescopic Gravel Edge

The telescopic gravel edge is used for the delimitation, aesthetic and professional separation of different materials: substrate, gravel, etc.

It can be used as a curb to support the layers on the edge of the roof in the case of low pitched roofs. It is specially designed for green roofs, it is installed on top of the geotextile protection or directly on the waterproofing without piercing or damaging it.

It is strong and durable, made of aluminum (no corrosion, recyclable).

E-Profile DPT Telescopic Gravel Edge
  •  Thanks to the telescopic structure, it can be adjusted to the desired length without cutting the element (from 2 m to approx. 3.9 m).
  • The profile is bent in 5 places, the edges give it increased resistance and ensure an aesthetic delimitation for a long time.
  • The perforations of the element contribute to the efficient circulation of water and help to measure the length.
  • An element can have two different heights, respectively 6/9; 8/10; 8/12; 14/22 (dimensions in cm); the corner elements can be used in both profile heights, with different desired angles (between 88o and 359o).
  • With the help of clips it can be fixed to the desired length and the neighboring elements can be joined, special textile clips are also available that can be easily fixed to the edge of the roof.
  • Made of aluminum (no corrosion, recyclable).
  • Complies with FLL (Green Roof Guidelines) standards.

E-Edge GP-75

Galvanized Lawn and Paving Edge

Galvanized steel edges offer an aesthetic, durable and professional solution for separating, delimiting different green roof surfaces (gravel, grass, vegetation, paving, etc.).

There is the possibility of being used to form straight, curved or angled lines. They are specially designed for green roofs; the fastening system and installation is carried out without piercing or damaging the waterproofing.

E-Edge GP-75 Galvanized Lawn and Paving Edge
  • It has flexibility, there are multiple possibilities of use.
  • Provides stable demarcation between surfaces, they are resistant to ironing.
  • Easy to install and handle, springs are easily formed, directly on the ground.
  • Modern, aesthetic design.
  • Made of durable and corrosion-resistant material (galvanized steel).
  • Covered with a layer of zinc.

E-RWall Element

Concrete Kerb/ Planter

The concrete border elements are used to delimit and support the surfaces, they are recommended to be used for intensive green roofs, due to their strength and durability they can delimit surfaces with different functions and thicknesses, even raised layers for vegetation.

The main roles are: dividing spaces into different areas, delimiting structures, creating different shapes. Due to the solidity, the elements can support greater weights, thus benches, seating accessories can be installed on the edge of the kerb.

E-RWall Element Concrete Kerb/ Planter
  • They are economical, offer a quick and economical solution because they do not require concreting on the ground.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Durable and very resistant.
  • The elements are made of prefabricated concrete.
  • There are special corner elements.