Celebrating World Green Roof Day!

6th of June is World Green Roof Day. On this occasion, we would like to draw attention to the many advantages that green roofs offer to our society, starting from the youngest generations. In the perspective of the future, it is essential to educate young people about sustainable development, ecological solutions and environment protection. Although we can currently do a lot to mitigate environmental problems, it is indispensable that future generations acquire sound knowledge in this area.

Source: racerocks.ca/ladybugs/
Source: racerocks.ca/ladybugs

That’s why this year we put a special emphasis on promoting green roofs among young people and presenting the benefits they bring to society. We believe it is important that children and young people understand from an early age the importance of protecting the environment and learn how they can contribute to a more sustainable future. World Green Roof Day is a great opportunity to reflect together on green solutions and how we can make our cities more livable.

Green roofs, also known as living roofs, represent a complex system of design, installation and maintenance intended to support the development of vegetation on roof surfaces. 

These structures have many benefits, including shade providing, extracting heat from the air, capturing air pollutants and reducing rainwater runoff. A particularly significant aspect is the ability of green roofs to mitigate the heat island effect, by absorbing sunlight that would otherwise have been reflected and transformed into heat by the roof surface. Through this process, moisture held in plants and substrate uses solar energy to turn into vapor, contributing to ambient cooling. Temperatures recorded on green roofs can be 30-40°C lower than those of conventional roofs, and in the case of extensive structures, they can reduce ambient temperatures in the city by up to 5°C. 

In addition to the environmental benefits, green roofs have notable economic benefits, such as creating jobs in design, installation and maintenance, reducing building energy costs and adding value to properties through their ability to be an attractive marketing element for the rental and sale of residential and commercial spaces.

Source: blog.nwf.org
Source: blog.nwf.org

In the midst of urban congestion a green roof accessible to the general public can provide a serene sanctuary – an oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle. The green roof surface can create a deep connection with nature and serve for innovative education programs. The green roof area can serve as an ideal location for outdoor classrooms, it can become the perfect place for many activities, learning, studying plants and nature, recreation and relaxation or even an outdoor workshop.

For youth, schoolers and students it can mean more than a roof decorated with vegetation; it can become a vibrant outdoor classroom full of life. Surrounded by a diverse variety of plants, from delicate flowers to blooming vegetables, and accompanied by the cheerful chirping of birds and fluttering of butterflies, the green roof can provide a respite from the rigors of traditional classroom learning. Under the careful guidance of teachers, the green roof can become a place of exploration and inspiration through hands-on and experiential learning.

Source: mbbarch.com
Source: mbbarch.com

In addition to its function as an educational space, the green roof can also serve as a multifunctional refuge – it can host different types of social programs, such as yoga centers, dance studios, art workshops or outdoor music halls. Green roofs can actively contribute to the life of society, they can become living spaces, transcending their conventional role as a simple architectural feature to become a vibrant center of creativity and community engagement.

The results of the studies highlight the transformative potential of accessible green spaces in promoting social cohesion, improving mental well-being and promoting environmental stewardship. Green roofs have transformative powers, they can provide the ideal space for holistic education, community empowerment and environmental sustainability. As cities grapple with the complexities of urbanization and resilience, integrating green roofs is a practical solution, and a path forward to a more harmonious and equitable urban future.

We encourage everyone to learn about the advantages of green roofs and support their spread. It is our shared responsibility and interest to ensure a cleaner and more resilient world to future generations!

On this special day of green roofs, the official World Green Roof Day organization has prepared two surprises for the little ones:
With downloadable instructions from the official website, kids can build their own Lego house with green roof
Also on this platform, children will find a fascinating coloring book
And for lovers of captivating stories, we recommend a special book, which can be purchased.
This book tells the story of a bee and a ladybug who discover the adventurous world of green roofs in the concrete jungle.
Dear children, we wish you pleasant fun!

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