Our participation at Expo nZEB Bucharest

Between June 14-16, 2024, at the Expo nZEB Bucharest event, we had the honor of representing our company, specialized in complete systems and solutions for green roofs. This exhibition was an excellent opportunity to present our innovations and products to a diverse audience of both private visitors and architecture and construction professionals.

Among our top products, we presented the Biosolar system, which is an innovation in the field of green roofs, combining the ecological benefits of a green roof with the energy efficiency offered by solar panels. This hybrid system aims to maximize the use of available space on roofs, offering both environmental and economic advantages. Vegetation helps to naturally cool the solar panels, which helps improve their efficiency by reducing overheating. Also, the raised panels allow the sun’s rays to penetrate into the vegetal area, in the areas shaded by the panels, a specific microclimate is created, with increased humidity, which favors local biodiversity.

Our participation at Expo nZEB Bucharest

We also presented a general extensive green roof system compared to our ultra-light system, which is also recommended for buildings with a lower load-bearing capacity. Both systems include Sedum rolls, grown in our own plantations in Arad. Sedum is a succulent plant that is resistant to extreme conditions, which makes it ideal for green roofs, helping to reduce maintenance costs and increase the durability of the roof.

Another innovative product that we brought to the attention of visitors was the Sedum-covered hexagonal grid, specially designed to provide increased resistance to vehicular traffic. This grid can ensure the stability and durability of green roofs, even under heavy traffic conditions.

Another alternative green roof solution is our Ready-Made casette system filled with Sedum, the perfect choice for those wanting a quick and efficient instant green roof installation.

The exhibition gave us the opportunity to interact directly with visitors, answer their questions and present them in detail with the advantages of green roofs. We were delighted by the high volume of interest and public openness to these green solutions.

Our presence at Expo NZEB Bucharest was undoubtedly a success, contributing to raising awareness and informing society about the multiple benefits that green roofs offer both at the level of the building and at the level of the surrounding environment. Building greening has a number of significant aesthetic, economic and ecological advantages, such as reducing the urban heat island effect, improving air quality, building thermal insulation, efficient stormwater management and increasing property value. By promoting these solutions, we contribute to sustainable development and the creation of a more viable living environment.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand and showed us their interest in our products and solutions. We look forward to seeing you at the next edition of Expo nZEB Cluj-Napoca, which will take place between November 1-3. Until then, we will continue to green cities and provide sustainable solutions for a greener future.

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